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Pavlos is a technology lead and a blockchain enthusiast who has worked for various companies across several industries including, Sky UK, Lloyds Bank, and Deutsche Bank. He has been involved in the design and implementation of various web-based and blockchain systems and worked with diversified technology stacks.

His main focus and interest are around the decentralized ledger technologies varying from low-level cryptographic structures, chain implementation details, cross-chain communication protocols, to authoring smart contract across various platforms. He has successfully advised and engaged in several blockchain projects and helped various teams to design and build products around the DLT technologies

  • Age . . . . . 30
  • Residence . . . . . UK
  • Consultancy . . . . . Available
  • Address . . . . . London, UK
My Services
Blockchain Consultancy

Through my involvement in various blockchain projects, I can assist you by making sure your idea has a viable potential to become a leading solutions within the domain of your expertise.

Smart Contract Engineering

Smart Contracts are the future of decentralized piece of code that will bring innovation and disrupt to multiple sectors. Extensive experience can help me guide you though the journey to this new era of technology.

Architecture of web-based systems

Modern approach to architecture and building modular web-based systems.

Senior Software Engineer

I have have worked for various companies across several industries including, Sky UK, Lloyds Bank, and Deutsche Bank and was involved in the design and implementation of various web-based and blockchain systems utilizing diversified technology stacks.

2019(Jan) - Present
Earth Rewards, London UK
  • Fully responsible for building a blockchain based system that consists of several back-end services, a few web applications and a mobile App.
  • Designed a loyalty based platform that allows users receive blockchain tokens for their environmental efforts.
  • Manage a team of software engineers and organize the tasks to be delivered during each sprint.
  • Designed and implemented the smart contracts that manage the lifecycle of the earth rewards loyalty tokens.
  • Designed a solution to integrate the earth rewards loyalty platform to existing software solutions.
  • Created a custom wallet to manage the on-chain loyalty tokens.
  • Amongst other the following technologies were used:
    • Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts in Solidity
    • Web3JS
    • Custom OpenId Connect server
    • Hyperledger Besu
    • Stellar Blockchain
    • React-Native and React/Redux
    • Nodejs and microservices approach with RabbitMQ and Kafka
    • Kubernetes and Rancher orchestration tools for managing the deployment of services into multiple environments
    • Hashicorp Vault to securely store all the secrets of the back-end services; including encryption keys, DB credentials etc
2018(April) - Present
Co-Founder and CTO
Coincierge, London UK
  • Invented the TCL protocol; an on-chain dynamic compliance protocol that verifies the elligibility of Security Token transfers.
  • Designed and implemented the token sale platform that provides a full plug and play capabilities to support your company with raising funds through 50+ cryptocurrencies and fiat.
    • Automated KYC and AML checks
    • Multi-sig BTC addresses using xpubs from clients wallet
    • Ethereum Crowdsale smart contracts
    • Secure and full back-end service using the microservice approach
    • Dashboards showing the progress of the ICO and controlling soft and hard caps
    • Support and automatic distribution of the tokens after the sale.
2018(Sep) - 2019(Jan)
Blockchain Tech Advisor
Earth Rewards, London UK
  • Constantly evaluating founders’ ideas and coming up with a pragmatic solution that can work based on the current technologies.
  • Formed the product team that will deliver the project. Hired developers and designers based on their capabilities of delivering the solution I designed with the founders.
  • Representing founders in talks with partners regarding the technical aspects of the company and the viability of the solution within the new blockchain domain.
  • Designed the architecture and shaped the technical solution based on the initial ideas of the founders.
  • Advising on all technical aspects needed to build a technology stack within the environmental tech and blockchain domain.
2018(Sep) - 2019(Jan)
Blockchain Tech Advisor
Varius World Tech, London UK
  • Advising on all technical aspects needed to build a technology stack within the casing and gambling domain.
  • Educating founders with generic blockchain knowledge i.e. basic cryptographic principles, crypto wallet management, multisig wallet etc.
  • Constantly evaluating founders’ ideas and coming up with a pragmatic solution that can work based on current technologies.
2018(Jun) - 2018(Sep)
Blockchain And Backend Engineer, London UK
  • Worked closely with the CTO, helping with blockchain related solutions.
  • Implemented the entire notifications system that is used in the Life Wallet. This was a system that followed the microservices approach with several NodeJS services communicating with each other through the choreography pattern backed by a messaging queue.
  • Helped the Junior members of the team with the blockchain related tasks.
  • Contributed to the initial steps of the DevOps infrastructure using Kubernetes.
  • Helped with the Crypto wallet implementation.
2018(Jun) - 2018(Sep)
Blockchain And Smart Contract Engineer
Evident Proof, London UK
  • Created​ ​and deployed the EPT ERC20 token.
  • Created a set of smart contracts for the vesting plans of the companies investors.
  • Implemented a custom web-based Ethereum multisig wallet.
  • Responsible for deploying and distributing the EPT tokens the investors.
  • Deployed and managed the Token Vesting smart contracts that lock the investors EPT holdings for a particular time and allows them to regularly release part of the entire fund.
  • Implemented a Restful Api that will engage with the EPT smart contract and perform the actions needed to support the system’s mechanics.
  • Created CLI tools for the company’s developers to allow them easily interact with the multisig wallets, as well as, the token vesting and EPT smart contracts.
2018(Jan) – 2018 (April)
Blockchain Advisor and Smart Contract Engineer
The Coinlab, London UK
  • Running whiteboard sessions with clients helping them structure the tokenomics of their blockchain projects.
  • Creating services around the Bitcoin ecosystem with focus on multisig addresses and secure storage of BTC funds.
  • Worked with technologies such as DApp, Web3j, Stellar, Lisk, Tezos, Hyperledger, EOS, Cardano, decentralized storage (IPFS, DOT protocol), BIP32 wallets.
  • Involved in blockchain projects for companies like Audi, Bosh and several companies in the area of real estate and invoice factoring.
2017(Sep) – 2018(Jan)
Technology Lead
Deutsche Bank, London UK
  • Member of the Digital Asset Management team, shaping the digital transformation initiative by building tools and software.
  • Working along with DB traders designing and implementing automated tools to interact and trade with various counterparties via different means, such as Symphony, Bloomberg etc.
  • Working on various proof of concept projects including technologies such as machine learning classification algorithms for fraud detection and consortium blockchain (Hyperledger) interactions.
  • Building and maintaining the DB JavaScript SDK, currently used by several development teams in Deutsche Bank.
  • Building cross platform UI components that can be seamlessly integrated in React and React-Native projects.
2016(October) – 2017(Sep)
Lead JavaScript Engineer
Lloyds Bank, London UK
  • Working on the LBG(Lloyds Bank Group) online banking system and the statements page of Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland specifically.
  • Responsible for getting the ownership of the system from the old team, making thorough knowledge transfer and collecting every piece of information needed to accomplish a smooth transition.
  • Analysing the structure of the code and introducing several layers of abstractions (application, data flow/management, view etc.) to make it easy to reason about.
  • Contributed to the reshaping of the ways of working in the team by advocating the use of agile principles and adapting small batch deliveries.
  • Setting up an entirely new DevOps pipeline to accomplish continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment. I used Jenkins to perform several tasks, such as static code analysis, integration with Sonar code quality metrics, automated unit and BDD tests, site speed, automated accessibility tests etc.
  • Gradually removed the old flux-like data flow mechanism into a more structured and centralized state management system. This required a thorough knowledge of the application to form the main state object and integrating Redux as a connection between the state and the view layer.
  • Mentoring and teaching junior and senior developers about good practices and patterns in Software engineer and frontend development.
2016(April) – 2016(August)
Senior JavaScript Engineer
Sky, London UK
  • Lead full-stack JavaScript developer.
  • Part of the NowTV Editorial team implementing a custom CMS for managing the NowTV content.
  • Working on the NowTV MEAN (Angular, MongoDB and NodeJS) stack.
  • Gathering user requirements and creating user stories.
2015(April) – 2016(April)
Senior JavaScript Engineer
Football Radar, London UK
  • Worked in the football betting industry, implementing and maintaining highly performant real time web based systems.
  • Designed and implemented the S​ BS​ web application that has radically changed the way that football watchers collect data. This was a greenfield project with a duration of 6 months. The technology stack that was used includes React, ES6, RxJS, Scala, Thrift endpoints and Symphony.
  • Designed and implemented the S​ upervisor​ application (a greenfield project of 4 months) which is a highly performant real time system that is capable of monitoring the way that watchers input their data. It consists of a middleware written in NodeJS, an Api gateway also in NodeJS, three services written in Scala and the frontend which was implemented using React, Redux, WebSocket and RxJS and written in TypeScript and ES6. The whole system was designed to be compliant with the microservices principles.
  • Worked on the player model application that is being used by the watchers to collect data about individual players. An ongoing project that follows the microservices approach and consists of Scala services and React/Redux frontend written in TypeScript and ES6.
2014(Feb) – 2015(April)
Front-End Developer
Brand View, Reading UK
  • Designed and implemented h​ttp://​widgets.
  • Lead Frontend developer for an on-going project to develop a Data Hub platform using OO JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, CSS3 and C# for API’s.
  • Lead Frontend developer for a platform to automate Product Mapping using OO JavaScript, asynchronous design patterns and DOM manipulation (jQuery, KnockoutJS).
  • Created a timeline module (named after me) which represents a generic and customizable Gantt-Chart. Built with D3.js
2012(Oct) – 2014(Feb)
Web Developer
Cirrus Logistics, Basingstoke UK
  • Designed and implemented the set of features (Site Traffic) for the leading warehouse design and simulation tool, CLASS.
  • Redeveloped an existing desktop app into web based application using KnockoutJS, DurandalJS, D3JS and OO JavaScript.
  • Designed and developed the security infrastructure of the company’s web based applications using .NET WIF.
  • Implemented JavaScript 2D and 3D graphics on several projects.
School of Electronics & Computer Science
University of Southampton

Distinction in MSc Web technology

Department of Computer Science
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Distinction in BSc Computer Science

My Skills
  • Ethereum
  • HD Wallets
  • Bitcoin
  • Smart Contracts
  • Cryptographic Primitives
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • Angular
  • Functional Programming
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